Bristol North

Teacher: Maria Onega

Tel: 07716 590442


¡Hola amigos!


My name is María; I was born and raised on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. I went on to study Journalism in Madrid where I lived and worked for almost 20 years.


I have travelled since I was a child and had the opportunity to meet and speak with people from all around the globe. That has allowed me to understand the importance and beauty of learning other languages. I’m very proud of my mother tongue and have always enjoyed tutoring people to help improve their Spanish language skills, that’s why I became a specialized teacher of Spanish as a second language in the International House in Madrid.


I came to Bristol few years ago and I immediately felt that I’d moved to the right place. Now through Spanish Amigos, I have found the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to help children to enjoy learning Spanish and our vast culture.


Let’s talk Spanish! ¡Hablemos español!